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About Zeitcode

Zeitcode is built on the success of our clients. We are committed partners, focused on understanding the unique challenges your business faces. We design innovative, sustainable, digital solutions that improve your bottom line and evolve with your business needs.

Our Client Commitment

  Constructive Collaborations
  Creative Solutions
  Trustworthy Partnerships

How Do We Work?

First, we seek to understand the challenges your business faces and find the opportunities for growth. From there, our expert team will outline a strategy to meet your business objectives.

Our designers will create an elegant and easy-to-use solution that gets you to your goals. Our developers will configure or build quality tools to serve the needs of your employees and customers. We will provide the training necessary to engage your end users with the tools for quick and easy adoption.

We also provide ongoing support to maintain and update your tools as the needs of your business change and grow.


Project Tracker

Custom Web App

The project management office for a large corporation needed a way to collaborate on initiatives and track project progress, but they were challenged by inconsistent project management methods across various disciplines. Zeitcode created a custom web application to guide project managers in creating the appropriate documentation related to project complexity, risk, health and strategic value. The application also standardized reporting through system generated PowerPoint slides, user-centric notifications, and configurable analytics.

Best Practices Knowledge Base


A manufacturing and distribution group had multiple plants performing similar functions, but in different ways. Since each plant was managed independently, corporate leadership struggled to determine which methods were best and should be replicated across the plants. In under a month, Zeitcode created a SharePoint site, including custom forms and notifications, to collect best practices from individual plants. Leadership was able to review the submissions and share the most effective ideas through videos and other documentation.

Mobile Contest Application

Custom Mobile App

A food distributor wanted to utilize their stock car racing partnerships to increase brand awareness among racing fans. Zeitcode created custom iOS and Android applications that allowed fans to win prizes by predicting race winners. The application interfaced with a third-party sports reporting system to provide real-time updates on races. The app also allowed fans to redeem points for prizes. Thousands of fans used the app to win branded merchandise.

Foodservice Brand Website

Custom, Mobile-Friendly Web App

A food brand had an aging website that was difficult to maintain and wasn’t reaching the target audience. Zeitcode created a fresh, new website powered by an easy-to-use custom content management system (CMS). The CMS allowed brand managers to update images and content without any technical expertise. Integration with the brand’s social media expanded the reach of the brand to new clients.

Digital Asset Manager

Custom Web App

A marketing group faced challenges trying to store, organize, and share multiple terabytes of assets. They needed to maintain tight access control over images and other marketing materials while also allowing rapid dissemination both internally and externally. Zeitcode created a digital asset management system with a single administrative interface for asset upload as well as multiple download portals based on user permissions.



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The Leadership Team

The Zeitcode Team is united in a common passion – solving complex problems through technology. Whether it’s automating a routine process or simplifying a complex data flow, or just making work a little easier, we love to dig into the details to design an elegant, effective solution.


Rob loves the creative aspect of building businesses and designing solutions that make a difference. He started his career doing business consulting and project management, and has also done product management, startup evaluation and client services. His passions are his family and photography, especially photographing his kids.


Jason has a passion for technology, using it to make lives better by removing barriers and eliminating repetitive tasks. He started in QA, running automated testing before becoming a developer, primarily working in PHP. When he’s not solving complex technical problems, he enjoys spending time with his family, especially out in nature.


Early in his career, Tony built dialup ISPs. Since then he has transitioned from engineering to web and mobile software development. He enjoys puzzling out technical problems and the ability to work from anywhere. He is a soccer fanatic and a lifetime fan of the Liverpool FC.


Christopher has been designing websites since high school. After getting his degree, he started designing for small companies and quickly embraced mobile design, jumping on iOS when it first launched. His passion is design which influences everything in his life. He is always in creative mode.


After starting her career in anthropology and environmental science, Nicole found her passion for tech while working on her master’s degree. She excels at making order out of chaos - coordinating teams that collaborate effectively and enjoyably. Outside of work, she finds joy playing with her dogs, dancing and spending time with her family.


Florine recently moved to Austin from her native Belgium. After an early career in information science, Florine transitioned to managing information online via SharePoint. Soon she was consulting across multiple industries, helping to organize information and streamline business processes. Florine is passionate about animals and loves traveling and being in nature.